Homestead Living: Unplugging From The Digital World

1. Unplugg for homestad livingMany Americans have taken into consideration that technology can become addicting and create habits that are not necessarily serving as much of a purpose in life as warranted by the time spent utilizing it.  In order to save energy, homesteaders have focused on unplugging in order to utilize less electricity and even stop using electricity altogether.

Solar panels and alternative resources for energy have helped to allow homesteads to provide their properties with electricity but the focus of use is to serve kitchen appliances, possibly hot water heaters and minimal luxuries that keep the household acquainted with worldly affairs as printed news is no longer the primary means for being informed in this present day in age.

With this generation of entertainment through video games, streaming movies, Facebook and other forms of social media it is hard to imagine life without technology being a key element in daily life.

Truly, the reality of separating one’s self from the electronics can be considerably freeing. Once a person who is truly plugged in has taken the time to detach themselves from the ruling digital age there is a sense of freedom that comes with no longer having to be at a person’s beck and call through cell phone as everyone expects you to be available because “there is no excuse for means of communication” in one way or another as email, social media, texting and the phone are all available to us through various mediums that we are expected to have attached to our hips. With the freedom to act without expectation of being pulled in another direction is an experience that this current life seems to have forgotten.

Unplugging and detaching from the electronics that bombard our households can be a healthy exercise for anyone to take advantage of.  Slowly removing those parts to consider what is truly useful and what is more of an excess and potential nuisance not only saves mental strain and potential insomnia but can also save a great deal of energy.

Everything counts when homesteading. Prioritizing resources is a practice that can mean so much to the quality of life and truly take advantage of what is most valuable.

Let’s see more about the benefits of homesteading.

1. Natural Source Of Water

Most of the time these days, the water is not pure as it used to be or is in the mountains in the forest where elves play slap and tickle.  When living off the land, you will have to have a solid source of water.

How do you do this?  By digging a well or routing water from a creek that is not stagnant.

This water will not be treated like the water found going into the city because of the sulfide, fertilizers, and other chemicals that take a toll on your health.  Natural water…..What a great natural treat

2.  Physical Fitness
It is natural that you will be walking, running, working out more because of the demand of this lifestyle.  This also drops the amount of carbon footprint from emission from the carbon released by the motor in automobiles machinery.  When living off the grid, your feet are your main source of  transportation.  You will be fit and less likely to get sick.

3.  Nutritious Eating
Wanna live off the grid?  Then you should be happy about the food you will eat and what that healthy eating will do to your energy levels.  You will say Bye Bye to the processed sugar and so-called “food”.

When living off the land, you will normally eat straight from the land consuming fresh food straight from the earth.  This also means you ill not have to waste time, gas, energy or money having to go to the store or the stress of dealing with irritated people.  You literally will eat the fruits (foods) of your hard work not to mention, boosting your overall health and wellness.  You probably know too well that grocery store foods and commercial food

You will connect with the earth and the surrounding environment of animals and nature.  Consuming chickens, rabbits, bees for honey and even cattle on your farm will prove to be very beneficial.


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