Homestead Living: The Pros & Cons Of Deer Hunting

deer kill respectedDeer hunting is an interesting hobby, one that can be viewed from a number of different perspectives.  While some see it as a harmless hobby, there are others who view deer hunting as a dangerous nuisance and seek to protect innocent animals. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons that are involved with this common pursuit for homesteaders who do this humanely to the animals being hunted and why it is not a sport but a way of living and surviving on the homestead.

Pros of Deer Hunting As A Homesteader

  1. Controlling The Population

The deer population is often allowed to reign unchecked and deer hunting serves as a means ofcrosshair deer Pros and cons keeping them under control. Without deer hunting, these animals would become a much larger nuisance since many of their natural predators (such as bears and cougars) have been eliminated from the area in which they live. The hunting provides a great amount of

  1. Delicious Food

Many deer hunters are not partaking in the hobby because of their love for the kill, they are hunting deer because they enjoy the taste of venison and plan on using the animal’s remains as a means of survival. If deer hunting were to be abolished, the supply of deer meat would drop significantly and food supplies as a whole would be diminished as a result.  When you do not have anything to do during your spare time you should have bonding time with your family members through

  1. Fun & Leisure Activity

family deer huntingDeer hunting is a great way for fathers, mothers, sons and daughters to bond with each other and it also provides people of all races and backgrounds with a chance to blow off steam outside of working hours. Those who enjoy deer hunting appreciate the skill that is involved and it does not appear to be going away anytime in the near future.


Cons of Deer Hunting


  1. Trophy Hunters

Trophy hunters tend to give deer hunting a bad name, as these inhumane people do not hunt for food or sport. They hunt with the objective of shooting the largest animal possible and while this group represents the minority, their continued existence serves as a threat to those who hunt for legitimate reasons.

  1. The Presence of Danger

Let’s face it, everyone is not cut out to run around wooded areas with a gun in their hand. Deer hunting can be a very fun experience, but it is not for everyone. Unfortunately, hunting accidents are a common occurrence and it can be tough for people to admit that they shouldn’t be placing themselves in situations that involve firearms and chasing wild animals.

  1. Inhumane Kill Methods

Sport hunters know how to finish their prey, whereas the “spray and pray” crowd will fire at deer indiscriminately. These types of kill methods are inhumane and are not indicative of the average hunter’s mentality.


As you can see, deer hunting can be a lot of fun, as long as you are well versed in the proper hunting etiquette and fully prepared for the experience. While there are definitely numerous cons, most of them can be avoided with relative ease.

All of your kills have been respected and appreciated.  They are all on a free range and the foods are not chemicalized and trapped wrongly.  The prey are free are not feeling the fear or stress that a caged chemical injected animal feels before it is dispatched.  I like to say that dispatching in the wild is better then murdering in captivity.  We also treat the kill as if they were our own companions before dispatching and make sure there life is not sacrificed just for sport or no reason.

Everything my family and I have done have been to survive, bond, live, love and thrive on the mysterious homestead.


Thank you for your understanding and open-mindedness.  In this world, nothing is ever wasted or taken for granted.


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