Homestead Living Lifestyle: Battling the Elements

working to live on a homestead 3When working to live on a homestead, one has to focus on the environment that surrounds the land, pray for good weather, enough water and means for keeping the animals away that leave crops to waste and taking away from the harvest.  The battle can mean life or death when truly relying on what is provided from the land than taking the time to work conventionally through modern means.


People traditionally have migrated to the mentality that comes with city living like work an hourly wage to pay for wants like iPhones, satellite tv, tinted windows, celebrity-branded and necessities needed that keep a household sustained like trade skills and labor to live or establish a particular lifestyle or luxury.


One thing the homestead living mentality has in common with growth and advancing personally is the acknowledgement that accomplishing goals in life are better accomplished with a team and as more than an individual.working to live on a homestead community


Farmers had taken on the tradition of gardening with the moon phases. Planting crops with the new moon and setting intentions for a good harvest so that the full moon would promise to flourish crops that are plentiful and healthy. Working with mother earth to nurture the cycle of life. But doesn’t his cycle include the sustainability of not only the plants but the animals that surround us as well?


What of the creatures that take away from the harvest?


This is the greatest of challenges! Keeping the plants alive long enough to produce. Trees can take a minimum of three to five years to produce fruit and nuts.


Attaching shiny ribbons to the limbs might keep some predatory birds away, but what about the four-legged scavengers and the insects that feed off of the plants?


Playing with the balance of nature and supplying the garden with plenty of ladybugs, spiders, bees and butterflies always help to encourage growth but birds like to feed on these little helpers as well. While they keep the predatory insects that kill the plants at bay, there is plenty of challenges keeping them in the garden as they are also a source of food for the troublesome creatures that stalk the crops. Having dogs around to keep the scavengers away is also a help. Especially if they can catch all the gophers and rabbits that aren’t welcome.

Woven Wire Fence protection homestead lifestyleHaving a good fence to protect the precious cargo helps to a certain extent but truly, the only way to keep the harvest is to keep working hard to find what works best for your homestead.


Here are some of the benefits of living a homestead lifestyle that we have discovered:

  1.  Personal growing what makes you and family stronger like nourishment, natural wood for heat (identifying the seasons to then work to chop, gather, organise plan and use of wood), constructing you land proper living quarters, tactical protection of your animals and food crops, and more.
  2. Homesteading gives a laid back relaxing feeling and environmental experience. (Mother Nature, understanding animal in insect life cycles and how it relates to you and your family/community, prepping and cooking medicinal foods for optimized wellness and health.
  3. Stressing less by not having to race and shop at the shopping center because all the land provides what we need to eat and thrive.
  4. Just being close and loving my family!


The homestead lifestyle can be challenging and hard BUT the lessons learned and the person I have become is well worth the experience and witnessing how myself and my family have become due to facing, embracing and overcoming the homestead living.

working to live on a homestead

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Until we meet again, work hard, live a full life and grow in love and interconnectedness with your family.



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