Homestead Lifestyle Home Options: Spacious Housing Accommodations Has Evolved

The need for spacious housing accommodations has evolved.


Millennial consumers have strayed away from the idea of maintaining a home that is on a large piece of land which spans to cover half of the acreage. They are more open to renting property and living in smaller spaces. In order to adapt to that mentality contractors and home builders have provided various consumer options to offer tiny home living that is affordable, smart, creative and unique to each individual.


Now homes come in materials and shapes that are made from recycled metal cargo containers, old fashioned train cabooses, Hobbit holes and conventional tiny homes. See samples of these beautiful Hobbit homes here:  2. Hobit Hole HousingContainers and Hobbit holes can be fashioned to accommodate any size desired, but tiny homes are generally designed to accommodate a consumer looking to live in a space that is approximately 500 square feet or less. The average studio apartment ranges from 400 square feet to approximately 650 square feet at best. When looking at these spaces bare it’s a wonder how furniture fits into the picture at all; and when you’re a person that likes to cook, the idea of cooking in these tiny homes resembles that of a camp fire or a playhouse. Thus, most accommodation for these structures are built into the design. Custom made to suit every purpose and need imaginable.


From hidden compartments in the floor boards and stairways, to uniquely crafted cabinets and storage spaces that function in potentially unusual ways to be more efficient and versatile. Only the minds of the crafters themselves and the people taking residence have truly taken the opportunity to find new ways to accommodate their need for living with a more affordable accommodation that is both friendlier to the environment and guaranteeing less use of consumables


Tiny dishwashers, ovens, ionized stovetops and so much more are household items more commonly sold to consumers because of this new change in thought and fashion of living. It will be interesting to see what comes next in this new creative outlook for housing.


It is interesting to see what happens when homestead families build their house and homes in very small living spaces over time.  Reports show that several families have purchased property to build it at their own pace over time.  A few families have constructed a basement space into a small apartment converting it into a house over time.  As time passed after converting from the basement, the families realized they really loved the memory of residing in small quarters.


Small distractions and more family closeness and bonding is very strong.  Kids often grow into their own rooms and space increased while also maintaining the family bond.   All families said to enjoy taking the time to build at a pace where you do not grow too fast and forget to living the life of being frugal, simple, natural, understanding, paced, community oriented living with your family, loved ones, and nature.

I look forward to seeing you on the next hsitoric-deerfield blog post.

Until then, live a full life with your family, friends, community, and simplicity without forgetting to live.



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