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Homestead Living Lifestyle: Battling the Elements

working to live on a homestead 3When working to live on a homestead, one has to focus on the environment that surrounds the land, pray for good weather, enough water and means for keeping the animals away that leave crops to waste and taking away from the harvest.  The battle can mean life or death when truly relying on what is provided from the land than taking the time to work conventionally through modern means.


People traditionally have migrated to the mentality that comes with city living like work an hourly wage to pay for wants like iPhones, satellite tv, tinted windows, celebrity-branded and necessities needed that keep a household sustained like trade skills and labor to live or establish a particular lifestyle or luxury.


One thing the homestead living mentality has in common with growth and advancing personally is  Continue reading

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Homestead Living: Living The Back-to-the-Land Mentality

Since Monsanto has taken over the American Food and Drug Administration… and even before… people have come to the understanding that it might be wiser to manage the affairs of their sustenance in a more traditional manner.  Seeing that they produce and consume the food that they grow and care for from farm to table directly. Whether it is by growing and raising farm fresh food themselves or Continue reading

Homestead Living: The Pros & Cons Of Deer Hunting

deer kill respectedDeer hunting is an interesting hobby, one that can be viewed from a number of different perspectives.  While some see it as a harmless hobby, there are others who view deer hunting as a dangerous nuisance and seek to protect innocent animals. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons that are involved with this common pursuit for homesteaders who do this humanely to the animals being hunted and why Continue reading

Homestead Lifestyle Home Options: Spacious Housing Accommodations Has Evolved

The need for spacious housing accommodations has evolved.


Millennial consumers have strayed away from the idea of maintaining a home that is on a large piece of land which spans to cover half of the acreage. They are more open to renting property and living in smaller spaces. In order to adapt to that mentality contractors and home builders have provided various consumer options to offer tiny home living that is affordable, smart, creative and unique to each individual.


Now homes come in materials and shapes that are made from recycled metal cargo containers, old fashioned train cabooses, Hobbit holes and conventional tiny homes. See samples of these beautiful Hobbit homes here:  2. Hobit Hole HousingContainers and Continue reading

Homestead Living: Unplugging From The Digital World

1. Unplugg for homestad livingMany Americans have taken into consideration that technology can become addicting and create habits that are not necessarily serving as much of a purpose in life as warranted by the time spent utilizing it.  In order to save energy, homesteaders have focused on unplugging in order to utilize less electricity and even stop using electricity altogether.

Solar panels and alternative resources for energy have helped to allow homesteads to provide their properties with electricity but the focus of use is to serve kitchen appliances, possibly hot Continue reading